Decoding Electrical Cable and it's Availability in UAE

Electrical Cables can certainly be said as the most sort after building material in the MEP Industry, after all, there can be no life without a wire at-least till the future offers us EiFi Mode to transport electricity. 

Coming back to reality, At digitalstout, we experience clients coming to us with a request of wide range of cables, now in this blog we will talk to you about what cables would widely be available in UAE, this information will help you in better decision making for your future project requirements. 

Electric Cables are basically comprises of Raw Material like Copper or Aluminium, rounded up by different types of insulation, shielding then again insulation followed by Armouring of different types and then again Insulation. Now the amount of insulation and other protective membranes to be installed in a cable depends on the amount of current the conductor is expected to carry, ambiance temperature, ducting or non ducting, environmental conditions around the cables and a list of other conditions. 

But for making the subject simple based on availability of material, then you do not have to break your head evaluating all the above information because there is a selected ranges of electrical cables available in the market and if you need an urgent stock of it then you are expected to choose among them following, they are as follows:

1) Armoured Cables: Cu/XLPE/SWA/PVC - Copper / Cross Linked Poly Ethylene / Steel Wire Armoured / Poly Vinyl Cloride.
2) Flexible Cables:: HO7RN-F - Also know as Rubber Cables
4) Single Core : Cu/PVC or Cu/LSZH.
5) PVC Flexible Cables:- HO5V-F Cables - Cu/PVC/PVC Cables.
6) Fire Cables: - Cu/MICA Glass Tape + XLPE/LSZH/SWA/LSZH.
7) Instrumentation Cables :- Individual & Over-all shielding, upto 20 Pairs.
8) Control Cables :- Available in Sizes 7C, 12C, 19C, 27C, 37C.
9) Medium Voltage Cables :- Only 6/11 KV (Adwea Specs).

These are the most widely used and easily available items, and the best news in whether you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah or Fujarah or Sharjah, materials can be delivered in a single day. 

But now you must be thinking, But How and Where do i buy them? That's so simple, just log on to and you have almost all items with brand name & size listed on the website.  Life can't get simple than this, Rite?

Below are the Links, based on Product Category:

Do share it with your Projects & Estimation Team and contact us, if you need any Engineering Support. 
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