Why Us?

Digital Stout is GCC's First E-Commerce Platform for the Largest Range of Industrial Products

How did Digitalstout.com happen?

Digitalstout.com, is a creation out of problem faced by Industry in GCC Region. The Electrical Industry in the region has been constantly evolving with the passage of each decade, in 21st century, with global markets gripping on E-Commerce as the next medium of trade, we at digitalstout.com, felt this to be the best time to bring in the best of possible options coming out of e-commerce globally and refine it as per the local requirements, and then building a platform, which we believe should help the ease of doing procurement in the MENA Region.

What do we bring onboard?

Digitalstout.com, offers the largest range of industrial electrical products in the MENA Region, we start from Cable Ties to Cable Pulling Machine. We have sorted each item into a segment and each segment into category, with that we have put in an effort to name each product as per the terminology used in the industry.

Our team comprises of a team of top-notch IT Professionals with expertise coming in from the executives from some of the largest electrical distribution in the UAE Region. We would want you to be rest assured that, each feature that has been crafted on this website is an result of a brain-stoming sessions by our expert panel members.

How did we simplify your process of procurement?

Traditional Supplier:

  1. Enquiry is send to supplier.
  2. Supplier acknowledges your request and would inform to quote you within 2 working days.
  3. Post 2 Days, if supplier does not respond, reminder e-mail is send.
  4. The Quote is send by the supplier.
  5. Then request is made for Technical Documentation.
  6. Then you check on stock status, payment terms.
  7. Then the negotiations begins.
  8. Finally the LPO is placed.
  9. Now, it's time to follow up on delivery.

At Digitalstout.com:

  1. You log on to the website.
  2. Select Products required, fill in the quantity.
  3. Book the Order.
  4. Our Team Reviews your request and offer you with discounted percentage
  5. Once Payment Process is Confirmed.
  6. Khallas, Deal Done and Materials are delivered in record time.

Are all Products on Digitalstout.com Branded?

At Digitalstout.com, we have ensured all products supplied are from top global brands and each item comprises of Technical Data Sheets, which covers all relevant information required for the customer to make the best decision.

As part of after-sales commitment, we also offer Material Test Reports, Country of Origin Certificate and Warranty as per the documentation issues by the manufacturer. Pls note, for some items these documents may not be available by the manufacturer, in such cases, we would not be in a position to produce the same.

Explain to us Paymenting Process?

We, understand the complexity of your business and the challenges faced by the Industry, being a partner to your business, we would try to offer a very flexible payment mechanism to keep your business sail higher. For more details, contact our customer services.


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