Belden GCWG102

Brand: Belden


Cable Construction:

Brand:Belden Cables
Model No: Belden GCWG102
General Description:Fibre Count: 2 & Description : 62.5/125-OM1.Dielectric central element of glass reinforced plastic (GRP), also as protection against kinks, surrounded by swelling yarns. 2. Jelly filled (non-dr ipping and silicon-free) loose tubes with pr imary coated optical fibres ( ?? 250 ?? 15 ??m). Individually colour coded optical fibres: red ??? gr een ??? blue ??? yellow ??? violet ??? pink . 3. The loose tubes are stranded around the central element, if necessary with fillers (PE-natural). Colour coding of the loose tubes: 1. red ??? 2. green ??? rest white. 4. Swellable (for the longitudinal watertightness) aramid yarns as strength members. 5. Black UV resistant FRNC/LSNH inner jacket. 6. Steel W ire Armouring (SWA): helically stranded galvanized steel wires of ?? 0.9 mm 7. Black UV resistant FRNC/LSNH outer jacket.

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Note: All Belden Products comes in Rolls (Either 305 Mtrs/ 500 Mtrs/ 1000 Mtrs/ 3000 Mtrs). We would consider the quantity in Rolls and not in Meter, and would invoice for the next quantity in rolls. (Example: If the request is for 700 Mtrs, we would invoice for 2 Rolls (2 x 305 Mtrs)

10,494.00 AED

P.S: Courier Fee of 100 AED will be charged for orders lesser than 500 AED.

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