FRATER 10W- LED Ceiling LightType 1

Brand: Frater


Product Description
Brand Frater
SeriesCLI Series;
Model NoCLS-10-LSY290GB
Technical Specification
Size: ?290mm x Height 100mm/ ?290mm x Height 100mm/ ?340mm x Height 85mm
Input Current: 0.048A (230V)/0.096A(230V)/ 0.057A(230V)
Output Current: 0.33A/0.32A/ 0.36A
Power Factor:0.9 Efficiency: >85%
Light Intensity: 620cd/ 578.74cd/479.89cd
Luminous flux:8001lm/1650lm/1722lm
Net Weight:0.75kg/1.665kg/1.4kg Mild Steel Body Glass Cover

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135.00 AED

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