Brand: MESC


Cable Construction
Brand Name MESC Cables
Size 2P x 1.5 SQMM
Conductor Stranded Annealed Copper to Class 2 (IEC60228)
Insulation Mica Impregnated Glass Tape + XLPE
Colour Code Multi Pair Black & White
Pair Construction Two insulated conductors are uniformly twisted to form a pair with 10-14 twists per meter
Individual Screen Aluminium backed Mylar Tape is applied over each pair. All pairs are electrically isolated.
Cabling Assembly is wrapped with Polyester Tape
Collective Screen Aluminium backed Mylar Tape
Inner Sheathing Low Smoke Halogen Free Thermoplastic
Armour Single layer SWA to BS EN 10257
Over sheath Low Smoke Halogen free Thermoplastic to BS 7655.

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13.64 AED

P.S: Courier Fee of 100 AED will be charged for orders lesser than 500 AED.

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